Dr Penny Moyle

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Dr Penny Moyle


Dr Penny Moyle

Job title:

RAD Fellows’ Leadership Programme Consultant and Former Chief Executive

Place of work / study:

Race Against Dementia

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m Australian. I came to the UK in 1991 to complete doctoral studies in psychology at Oxford University – and I still live in Oxford.

My research at that time related to stress and change at work, during times of organisational change. In my career as a business psychologist, I have applied the lessons from that research as a consultant and as a manager. Alongside my work with Race Against Dementia (which is only part-time), I continue to work as a business psychologist, mostly getting involved in leadership development, executive coaching and coach training.

What has been brilliant in developing the RAD Fellowship programme is the opportunity to create a leadership development programme for our funded fellows, inspired by best practice in Formula 1 and other high performance organisations. It’s an opportunity to draw from my past experience and professional network, whilst creating something new and (hopefully) impactful for dementia research.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

Before COVID-19, I spent a lot of my free time dancing Argentine tango.  Less of that this year, but my garden is looking good!

Why did you choose to work in dementia?

I had spent nearly 20 years working for one of Europe’s largest business psychology firms, and was looking for a new opportunity.  A head-hunter friend introduced me to Sir Jackie, not because she was commissioned to find him a CEO for Race Against Dementia, but because she knew he was looking.  Her own mother had recently died with Alzheimer’s and so she was connected into the dementia world that way.

I was impressed with Sir Jackie’s vision, and could see that this would be a challenge I could get my teeth into.  It also presented as a great balance to my corporate work, to do something that could have such an impact for so many.

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