Research Masterclasses on Demand

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Led by experienced researchers and nursing professionals, in these Queen’s Nursing Institute training sessions you will learn about the latest developments in nursing research, data analysis, and evidence-based practice.

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Value of research for patients and community nursing with Professor Alison Leary

At the masterclass, Professor Alison Leary discusses some of the research she has led with the QNI International Community Nursing Observatory (ICNO) and its impact, including key research into the experiences of care home staff during Covid-19. Alison covered how community nurses can contribute or get involved in research: as participants, collaborating in research or being active users of evidence.

QNI Research Masterclass: Value of research for nurses and patients, 14.12.2022 from The QNI on Vimeo.

Critically appraising qualitative research papers with Dr Jenni Burt

At this masterclass, Dr Jenni Burt outlines how to approach the critical appraisal of qualitative research papers, with a particular focus on assessing the rigour of methods used, the coherence of findings, and the likely transferability of insights generated.

QNI Research Masterclass: Critically appraising qualitative research papers, 17.01.2023 from The QNI on Vimeo.

Writing for publication: tips from an editor with Professor Catherine Walsh

In this masterclass, Professor Catherine Walshe outlines how to write for a peer-reviewed research focused journal, focusing on the audience, structure, and content of the paper.

QNI Research Masterclass: Writing about your research for publication, 28.02.2023 from The QNI on Vimeo.

Introduction to Qualitative data analysis: Reflexive Thematic Analysis with Dr Emma Rowland

At the masterclass, Dr Emma Rowland presents qualitative data analysis techniques, specifically focusing on reflexive thematic analysis (Braun and Clarke 2019). Recommended reading before the masterclass: Braun V, Clarke V, Hayfield N. ‘A starting point for your journey, not a map’: Nikki Hayfield in conversation with Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke about thematic analysis. Qualitative Research in Psychology. 2022;19(2):424-45.

Research Masterclass: Reflexive Thematic Analysis, 16.03.2023 from The QNI on Vimeo.


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