Student Health and Wellbeing

Advice for getting the support you need, and staying healthy and well

Research, the discovery of new knowledge, has been described as an endless frontier. There will certainly be instances during a PhD and beyond when curiosity driven activity can indeed seem vast and relentless.

It is critical that researchers at whatever stage in their career develop the capacity and capability to generate an appropriate perspective on what they are facing. Put simply, and starkly, doing research depends on being well.

As such, an awareness on health and wellbeing is central, and getting the right support is key.

In this podcast Oz Ismail from UCL is joined by Géraldine Garrabet a Student Support and Welfare Officer, from the School of Physics & Astronomy at University of Manchester, Dr Caroline Selai a Senior Lecturer from the UCL Institute of Neurology and finally Kellie Morrissey a Research Fellow working at the Open Lab in Newcastle University.

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