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Three things you can do for Dementia Action Week

20 - 26 May 2019

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As a subscriber to this website, you’re probably already very actively involved in taking action around dementia. In fact, it probably plays a major role in your life, and not just in your day job, funding raising and socially… so how is Dementia Action Week, any different to last week… or even the week after next? What actions can you take?

We have three suggestions for something you can do quickly, and easily, and you don’t even need to leave your desk!

Register on Join Dementia Research (UK Only)

This is quick and easy to do. Some of you may have even found study participants via the service. So why not volunteer yourself? Studies recruiting via Join Dementia Research are looking for people of all ages, and not just people living with dementia. Practice what you preach, and register today just click the link below:

Register Now


Talk to people about research

If you have contact with patients and people living with dementia, you could be helping them to get involved with research studies (not just your own). One way you can help is to tell patients about Join Dementia Research if you are in the UK, or your local register if you are outside the UK. In Australia the University of Sydney has just launched Step-Up for Dementia Research, and in the US you have the brilliant Trial Match provided by the Alzheimer’s Association. Click the link below to take a short online course (takes about 4 minutes) to find out more about Join Dementia Research and how they need your help:

Click Here


Write a blog

The team at Dementia Researcher are pretty well connected (being we are part of the NIHR). It would be great if you could write a blog for one of our websites. Just drop us a line with your idea, and who the audience might be (patients, other researchers, etc). It might not seem like much, but your colleagues and the public really like to hear what you are thinking, and how your research is going. Short blogs are a great way to support and help other researchers, and a way to communicate and engage the public in your work. Drop is a line:

Click Here



There are many more things you could do, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Raise money for one of the many dementia charities.
  2. Visit the charity website to see if there is anything taking place in your local community, they always need volunteers.

Continue being amazing and taking forward your research!

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