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Undertaking a PhD in an International Lab

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How many times through your PhD have you asked yourself: “Why am I doing this? Is this what I wanted? Is it all worth it?

I’m pretty sure that as an international PhD student these questions tend to repeat themselves much more often because, just in case studying a PhD wasn’t a big enough challenge, doing it in new country and sometimes a different language makes it even harder.

The reasons behind deciding to study a PhD in a different country might go from: “It’s a personal challenge” to: “This is the next step to grow in my scientific career”; “There were no options in my home country”; or “I needed a big change in my life.”

In my case, I was never sure about studying a PhD until I realised it was the way to continue in research, what I love. However, the scientific crisis in Spain pushed me to look for something else overseas and I found it in Australia. Now that my PhD journey is almost over, I can look back on everything I’ve learned in the last four years that might help if you are going to undertake – or are already undertaking – a PhD in an international lab.

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