Unlocking the Future of MND: A Journey of Discovery and Hope

Livestream held on 23rd June exploring Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and the remarkable advancements in research, in partnership with MND Scotland.

During this livestream, which will be available on YouTube and Twitter, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the disease itself, the latest advancements in MND research, and specifically about the groundbreaking MND Smart Trial. This unique trial has garnered attention for its innovative approach and has shown promising potential in accelerating the discovery of effective treatments for MND. Furthermore, the event will delve into the impact of new investments in MND research, exploring how these resources are driving progress and propelling the quest for a cure.

Resources mentioned during the recording:

*We can now confirm that the MND-SMART Study does sit on the NIHR Portfolio CPMS ID 44601 for any interested NHS sites.

Adam Smith hosted the session, and was joined by:

Dr Jane Haley, representing MND Scotland, brings her extensive expertise and compassionate approach to the discussion. As the Director of Research at MND Scotland, Dr. Haley has been instrumental in bringing the thoughts and priorities of people affected by MND into research and driving forward research initiatives and partnerships.

Suvankar Pal is a Professor of Neurodegenerative Disorders and Clinical Trials at the University of Edinburgh. He is co-lead investigator of the innovative MND-SMART trial, the largest ever Phase 3 trial for people living with MND in the UK.

Stevie Morris was diagnosed with MND in February 2021. He will bring insights to life, sharing the realities of living with the disease, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals living with MND and the importance of research in improving their quality of life.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to expand your knowledge, engage with leading experts, and gain insights into the pioneering MND-SMART Trial. Join us on the livestream as we embark on a journey to accelerate discovery and make a difference in the lives of those affected by MND.

00:00:00 Guest introductions
00:03:54 Meet Stevie Morris – living with MND
00:08:15 Getting a diagnosis
00:10:21 What’s going on in the brain
00:14:34 What are the current treatments for MND?
00:17:38 What is the MND-SMART Trial?
00:23:37 Rapid drug testing
00:25:17 How to decide which drugs to test
00:27:59 How does MND-SMART differ from traditional drug trials
00:31:47 Where is the trial taking place?
00:35:52 Stevie’s involvement in MND-SMART
00:38:09 Study recruitment
00:41:51 Drugs currently being tested
00:43:38 Measuring the success of a drug
00:44:46 Patient and public involvement
00:47:07 How will new investment help the trial
00:53:59 MND Scotland wider work
00:56:43 Other news from MND Awareness Week
00:58:43 Thankyous
00:59:14 Last word from Stevie Morris – Why is MND Research important?

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  1. Susan Crimmins

    Just a thought from a retired radiographer – trauma to blood brain barrier for Rugby and sport players allowing leaking of toxins into brain after loosing the barrier protection. – if we look at look at common food, vitamins and drugs that the sporting people have over the years – maybe have an effect.
    Maybe brain biopsies on dead brains and nerves with mr spectroscopy to identify the foreign parts within the brain . It’s probably a load of rubbish, but maybe somebody may suggest an answer, if everyone keeps thinking and tries to help. Xxxx


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