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Hana spoke to researchers about their work, their hopes and their motivations and tried to distil what they said into a single colouring page.

In 2019, Alzheimer’s Research UK funded eight projects through the Inspire Fund, totalling £98,974. The criteria for projects funded through the scheme were to:

  • Inform the public about dementia, including challenging misconceptions.
  • Build awareness of dementia and ignite action for change.
  • Engage and inspire the public with the progress being made in dementia research.

As an artist and science communicator, Hana Ayoob’s project was about using art and creativity to bring dementia research to life. She spoke with a range of dementia researchers, finding out about their research and motivations for it. From this she created colouring pages and profiles of the researchers, making them available as individual pages or as a booklet. She also developed training materials for researchers to learn about zines (self-published magazines) and use this format to communicate about their own research. Due to the pandemic, she adapted this training to be delivered online in a self-paced format, providing guidance and support to those taking the training.

The pages she created are all available under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 UK License. You can download, copy, print and share the resource as long as you give Hana credit, do not modify them in any way and do not use them commercially.

Download the 10 individual pages or a booklet containing all of them here. If you are based in the UK, you can also request free hard copies of the booklet herewhile stocks last.


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