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Dementia Researcher recently celebrated its 3rd Birthday, and over the years we’ve amassed a lot of great careers and science content to help early career researchers. But with so many blogs, articles and podcasts we know that finding what you need, at exactly the moment you need it can be a pain. There is nothing more annoying than remembering reading a great blog about grant writing, but not remembering where it was, or who wrote it… and now when you’re writing a grant, it would be really useful. So over the next few months, in addition to providing great content, we’re working on trying to make what we have, and out archive more accessible. Last month we improved our bios pages, to help you find researchers like you, and this month, we had a look at podcasts.

You can listen in your podcast app, when you’re on the move, or if you’re looking for a little more information or a specific show, visit our podcast page – filter by show type, see what show is coming next week, and find our specially created albums and playlists.

All our podcast include details and bios on the guests, and a full transcript, making life and little bit easier.

Next month…. we’re looking at our blogs.

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