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Webinar – Getting involved in dementia research as a clinician

Hosted by Adam Smith

This ‘Midday Lecture’ webinar from Dementia Researcher is delivered by Dr Zoe Clough and Dr Leonidas Chouliaras.

Aimed at all healthcare professionals who are interested in becoming involved in dementia research but are not sure where to start. In this webinar, Zoe & Leo talk about the reasons they chose to work in clinical dementia research and the different ways you can start for all doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals, as a Clinical Dementia Researcher.

It is only through research that the causes of dementia can be fully understood, allowing us to develop new treatments and potential cures and to improve the care for people with dementia. Clinicians of all kinds play a crucial role in this, undertaking their own research, delivering research interventions, recruiting to studies and much more. Details on careers, education and other support resources can be found on our careers page.

If you have time Zoe and Leo are asking if you can complete this short survey, it will help the presenters work in improving opportunities for staff to become involved in dementia research:

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