Writing Papers (and getting it done) with Ann(e)iochan

From Ann(e)iochan

We have said it before, and we will say it again… Dementia Researcher loves vlogger Ann(e)iochan. For those who aren’t familiar, Anne makes videos documenting her PhD journey in Nanomedicine at the University of British Columbia. She started her YouTube Channel to document all the ups and downs in grad school and each week she posts fun, helpful and informative films on a wide variety of topics, from practical things like how to read and write papers and use certain pieces of equipment to fun things like what’s in her bag, and how well do her lab mates know each other.

Today we’re sharing a recent, very honest, film she made on her writing process! Full of progress, procrastination, feedback that you do and don’t want and her process. This film is great if you want some tips on how to get through, and to realise that you’re not the only one that doesn’t always enjoy the process.

0:00 intro
0:08 update with allll my successssssss 🙄 last week ft. my favorite writing buddy
1:20 my candid af writing process and all that comes with it
2:31 when the boss doesn’t tell you what you want to hear
4:28 when Nojoud summons me to the lab for something v important
5:35 if you’re looking for a productive phd student, you’re at the wrong place
5:41 Hiro is putting in the hours too
7:13 things that help me with writing/my “process”
9:06 ok if you missed it go back here and turn up the volume REAL LOUD – I swear that was Hiro

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Anne also recently gave a talk about the benefits of science communications at the recent AAIC Neuroscience Next Conference – catch-up on the conference, and out review of what happened on YouTube.

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