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Ask Your Mentor Podcast – Dr Martina Bocchetta

With Alzheimer's Research UK

Ask Your Mentor, a new podcast from Dementia Researcher, in association with Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK). Mentees interviewing their mentors, talking careers, lessons learned and what they’ve discovered, that could help you forge a successful career in dementia research.

In this podcast Rebecca Williams interviews her mentor Dr Martina Bocchetta, Lecturer at Brunel University London and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University College London.

Rebecca Williams is a second-year PhD student at the University of Cambridge within the MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit. Rebecca is researching Frontotemporal dementia, and is particularly interested in Apathy and how this impacts people living with the disease, and contributes to disease progression.

Dr Martina Bocchetta is a Lecturer and Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Brunel University London and University College London. Martina is interested in investigating brain measures on MRI and particularly how subcortical structures are structurally and functionally connected in the different forms of frontotemporal dementia. Her final goal is to improve our understanding of this heterogenous disease, by measuring when frontotemporal dementia starts in the brain and how it progresses over time. This will be crucial to help in developing a cure, by measuring whether new drugs are effective in slowing down the progression of dementia.

Find our more about ARUK and their mentoring programme.

Created as a video first podcast, but also available in your favourite podcast app.

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