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Thanks to Link Hoang for sharing their work on Unsplash.

After months of lockdown and further months of not-quite-lockdown-but-not-back-to-normal, I’ve been on a holiday. And not like the fake holiday that I had before, but a real, going-away holiday. I went to Cornwall in South West England, where, once upon a time, my ancestors mined for tin, hence my impossible to pronounce surname; it might also explain why I chose a career that requires you to spend long periods in the dark, figuratively at least.

Taking real time away from the laboratory has been good for me, and I feel it is essential, particularly in terms of scientific productivity. It is only by stepping back from the immediate pressures of the now and the ‘must-do’ list that your brain can get the space to start making deeper connections. Staying home and not working is OK, but in this new era where work and home are basically the same space, getting the separation is that much harder

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