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Digital Technologies for the Assessment of Cognition: A Clinical Review

Catch-up on last weeks Join livestream discussion with panellists: Ivan Koychev (Oxford, UK) Lisa Marzano (Middlesex, UK) John Torous (Harvard, USA) Andrea Cipriani (Oxford, UK) Michael Ostacher (Stanford, USA).

Digital technologies are a rapidly advancing field that provide a previously unavailable opportunity to alleviate challenges faced by clinicians and researchers working in this area. A recent clinical review identified a range of pervasive digital systems, such as smartphones, smartwatches and smart homes, to assess and assist elderly demented, prodromal and preclinical populations. The review’s findings will provide the starting point for wide ranging debate and discussion of the currently available technologies for the assessment of cognition.

In this live stream the panel discussed a newly paper: Chinner A, Blane J, Lancaster C, et al Digital technologies for the assessment of cognition: a clinical review Evidence-Based Mental Health 2018;21:67-71. http://ebmh.bmj.com/content/21/2/67

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