How can we share our research with everyone?

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Communicating Science

The NIHR open access policy supports researchers to make sure their research is immediately, freely and openly accessible to everyone. Our NIHR Evidence team also produces summaries of some published studies and articles that bring together evidence on popular topics.

Lindsay Bearne and Helen Baxter, NIHR Senior Research Fellows (Knowledge Mobilisation) along with Tina Coldham, Mental Health User and NIHR public advisor discuss how to make health research and information accessible for everyone.

While health services are under pressure, many people are keen to do what they can to take care of themselves and manage their own health and care. To do this they need clear and reliable evidence-based information.

We know that members of the public encounter many hurdles when searching for trusted health or care information. Recent research told us that there may be issues with the way information is presented (e.g. language) or how it can be accessed (e.g. cost or convenience). The quality of the information may mean it is not relevant, personal, or trusted. Some people may also have limited resources to help them effectively search for and use health information. This could include a lack of time, technical, digital or literacy skills. Searching for good quality information can be even more difficult if the topic or condition is considered distressing or embarrassing.

Researchers and research funders are striving to make research findings available to everyone. So, how can we do this well?

How can you get your message across? Read the full blog on the NIHR website to find out.

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