MND Research – The Future

MND Research is important! Join us as we take a deep dive into what is MND, how and when is it diagnosed and what treatment is available. Hear from an expert panel of IHMRI researchers including Professor Justin Yerbury, Professor Lezanne Ooi and Dr Luke McAlary.

We will uncover how ground-breaking research is teaching us more about the disease, as we work together to find new treatments and work towards the goal of a cure.


Professor Justin Yerbury Justin is a Professorial Fellow at the University of Wollongong and is group leader of the Yerbury lab based at IHMRI. His MND research has particular emphasis on protein misfolding, protein aggregation and inclusion formation. In 2016, Justin was diagnosed with MND himself, having lost several family members to the disease including his grandmother, mother and sister. Post diagnosis, Justin continues to research MND and is an advocate for people living with a disability. In 2020, he was recognised for his dedication to MND research and advocacy with a Member of the Order (AM).

Professor Lezanne Ooi Lezanne is a Professor at the University of Wollongong and group leader of the Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration Lab at IHMRI. Her research uses induced pluripotent stem cells, derived from human blood and skin cells to model disease and aid drug discovery. Lezanne’s lab is working to better understand and treat diseases such as ALS/MND, Alzheimer’s Disease and Vanishing White Matter Disease.

Dr Luke McAlary Luke is the 2020 Bill Gole Postdoctoral Fellow for Motor Neuron Disease Research Australia. His research is aimed at understanding the molecular causes of MND and developing methods to alleviate or cure disease. Luke works in the Yerbury lab based at IHMRI.

Would you like to present your research? We regularly host webinars on YouTube and discussions on Twitter Spaces and are always look out for researchers who would like to present their work. Dementia Researcher can provide a platform to enable you to share in a safe, supportive space and help build your research communications skills (whihc might be useful if you’re building a narrative CV) – Drop us a line.

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