Profile – Dr Astrid Suchy-Dicey

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Dr Astrid Suchy-Dicey

Job Title:

Assistant Research Professor

Place of work / study:

Washington State University, Elson S Floyd College of Medicine / Institute for Research and Education to Advance Community Health (IREACH)

Area of research:

Epidemiology (focus on Neurology, Health Disparities)

How is your work funded:

National Institute on Aging (NIA) K01 career development award, and projects on NIA P50 and U54 centre grants

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am the Project Lead for the University of Washington Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Satellite Core, which aims to characterize vascular and Alzheimer’s dementias in a cohort of American Indians from 3 major geographic regions of the U.S. My long term / broad research goal is to develop a better understanding of how health disparities contribute to premature brain aging.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I used to play a full contact sport at the level of international competition … which has actually given me some insight into traumatic brain injury from the patient perspective. Is that a “fun” fact? If you want a more fun fact, then here you go: I have an English Mastiff – Great Dane mix dog named Skywalker. He is a giant, entertaining weirdo.

Why did you choose to work in dementia?

Dementia is one of the most debilitating conditions, taking away the core of our identity. As a public health trained researcher, I would like to better understand routes to prevention, to reduce the impact this devastating condition has on individuals and families.


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