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Dr Julie Simpson Profile Picture.

Dr Julie Simpson


Dr Julie Simpson

Job title:

Senior Lecturer

Place of work / study:

The University of Sheffield

Area of Research:

My main research interests are identifying and understanding neuroinflammatory contributions to ageing and dementia, particularly age-associated white matter pathology. My research primarily focusses on the detailed immunohistological characterisation and gene expression profiling of specific cell populations in the ageing brain.

How is your work funded?

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Tell us a little about yourself:

I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1995 with BSc (Hons) in Neuroscience, and was awarded a PhD in Neuroimmunology from Sheffield Hallam University in 1999. After a year working as a post-doc in New York I joined the Department of Neuroscience at Sheffield University in 2002 and have been a member of the Neuropathology research group since 2004. I was appointed Lecturer in Translational Neuropathology in 2016 and Senior Lecturer in 2020.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I make award winning jam……well it won a prize at a local village fete!

Why did you choose to work in dementia?

Like so many other people I have family members affected by dementia, which is my personal motivation to be a dementia researcher.

What single piece of advice would you give to an early career researcher?

Chin up & keep going, it’s not an easy career you’ve chosen. Short-term contracts, unsuccessful grant applications, rejected papers can get you down, but the immense excitement when your experiments work and you get great data, or your grant is successful or your paper is accepted make it all worth while.

What book are you reading right now? Would you recommend it?

The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward. I can’t put it down.

Can we find you on Twitter & Instagram?

No sorry

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