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Rory Boyle


Rory Boyle

Job title:

PhD Candidate

Place of work / study:

Whelan Lab, Trinity College Dublin

Area of Research:

Neuroimaging; Cognitive Reserve

How is your work funded:

My PhD is funded by the Irish Research Council in conjunction with an Enterprise Partner, Altoida.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am 28 years old and I am from Dublin. Outside of research, I enjoy playing and watching Gaelic Football and eating the finest Kebabs Dublin has to offer.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

My name means Red-Haired King in Irish but I have black hair…     

Why did you choose to work in dementia?

I have always been fascinated by the brain in general and I have a personal interest in Dementia. Doing research in this field is an opportunity to combine those interests and I hope one day that I could help to improve the way in which we detect and diagnose dementia so that we can start to help people living with dementia at the earliest stage possible.

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