SDRC COVID-19 Impact Report

From the The Scottish Dementia Research Consortium

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SDRC COVID-19 Impact Report

The Scottish Dementia Research Consortium (SDRC) recently surveyed Scottish dementia researchers to understand how COVID-19 has affected their research.

The SDRC have created published COVID-19 Impact Report. This report outlines the severe impact that is already being felt. Researchers updated on the effects across all aspects of their work, including job security, future prospects and scientific quality.

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From the report, the SDRC Executive have put in place a strategy which involves passing report directly to the Scottish Government in addition our ongoing efforts to address the requests made by ECRs and raising these at the highest levels. They plan to work on an ongoing basis to work through each of the challenges and potential solutions highlighted.

Following on from this report, they plan to re-run a similar survey in mid-July 2020 to gauge progress of SDRC interventions as well as further consequences of this pandemic.

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