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Why you shouldn’t keep working, when working from home

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Working at homeAs we settle deeper into self-isolation, the days start to blur into one. Many people are having difficulty adjusting from weekdays to the weekend (is there really a difference anymore?) especially as, barring key workers, we are working from home. If you’re lucky enough not to have been laid off as a result of coronavirus impacting the economy, you might also be feeling increased pressure to perform in order to keep your job. So you answer a few extra emails even though you’ve finished your shift.

Or maybe you say yes to a late-night Zoom call with your boss, because you’re afraid to say no (after all, what else would you do with your evening, since you can’t go out?). It might be tempting to continue working, but here’s the thing: don’t.

Read this article by Almara Abgarian from the Metro to find how to split your work time from your downtime.


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