Winners of The Brain Prize 2022

All our interactions with the world depend on our ability to move. Understanding how the nervous system generates movement is a fundamental goal of neuroscience and is at the heart of devising new strategies for the restoration of movement following injury or disease. An international group of three neuroscientists have revolutionized our understanding of the cell types and circuits that control how we move. Theirs is a remarkable discovery story in fundamental neuroscience that highlights the need and paves the way for cell type-specific diagnostics and interventions in disorders of movement. For this, the three neuroscientists are receiving the world’s largest prize for brain research – The Brain Prize – which is awarded annually by the Lundbeck Foundation.

Professor Silvia Arber, Martyn Goulding and Ole Kiehn have been awarded The Brain Prize for having revolutionized our understanding of the neuronal cell types and circuits that control movement.

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