LIVE Podcast Recording – Get to know Dementias Platform UK

10th November 11.30am

Reading Time: < 1 minute

For the first time, Dementia Researcher is inviting you into the studio to watch LIVE as we record our podcast. In this show, Dr Megan O’Hare talks with Dr Sarah Bauermeister from the Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) and Dr Danielle Newby from University of Oxford.

Sarah is one of the people behind DPUK, bringing data from multiple cohorts into a single, secure, environment to allow key research questions to be answered more rigorously and more rapidly than would otherwise be possible. Danielle is one of the many researchers across the world, utilising the DPUK data and analytics tools to support her Alzheimer’s and dementia research, finding new uses for old drugs.

In this podcast we will discuss what data is available from DPUK, how people can and are making use of this data, and how you can gain access to support your research. There will also be a chance for you to put your own questions to the guests.

The podcast itself will be release in January 2021, so don’t worry if you are unable to attend.

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