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Mentoring in academia is nothing new, having the support of an experienced individual who shares knowledge and advice is essential, but could this be done better? What if you combine mentoring and top level professional coaching? In this talk Dr Penny Moyle from Race Against Dementia & Dan Sims, Senior Performance Coach from Hintsa discuss their approach to providing scientists with the same kind of support as F1 Drivers, as they strive to make the breakthrough that we all need in dementia research – introduced by Adam Smith.

In September the ISTAART PIA to Elevate Early Career Researchers held its annual scientific meeting – a recording of this webinar is available to watch now.

Watch Here – (Free) Registration Required


Dr Penny Moyle, was tasked with creating a Leadership Development Programme for Race Against Dementia funded postdoctoral Fellows that emulates best practice in Formula 1 Motorsport, and other fast-paced commercial enterprises. Working with top coaches including Hintsa’s performance coaches, who work with nearly all the current Formula 1 drivers to help them be at their best – from attitude and psychology to physical fitness and diet, all essential to be at the front of the grid.

Dan Sims – Senior Performance Coach, Hintsa Performance – Dan’s 10+ years as a coach has spanned the breadth of elite sports to high-pressure business. Dan worked for multiple years as performance coach to Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean, travelling with him to F1 races around the world. Besides physical activity, Dan highlights the role of quality recovery and focus as crucial tools for a sharp, high performing mind. Today, he works increasingly with corporate clients, where he enjoys helping clients embrace and thrive in challenging situations; an approach he has personally tested when competing in the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Hawaii.

Dr Penny Moyle – Race Against Dementia (RAD) Leadership Programme Consultant is a business psychologist specialising in leadership development and executive coaching, Penny works with numerous organisations to help elevate performance and create transformational change. Penny has worked with RAD since 2018. First as an Advisor (2018-19) and then as RAD’s CEO (2020-21), Penny was the driving force behind the RAD Fellowship Programme, including F1-inspired leadership development for RAD’s early-career scientists. Penny’s current focus with RAD is to manage the RAD Fellows’ ongoing development, to fast-track their progress to become leaders in dementia research and to instil a culture change that accelerates progress.

Attracting, supporting and retaining early career researchers into dementia research is vital.

The ISTAART PIA to Elevate Early Career Researchers (PEERS) aims to:

  • Support early career researchers from across the world, to help them develop and progress within the field.
  • Understand and bring attention to career challenges faced by early career researchers.
  • Develop a dynamic network with funders and organizations to create institutional changes to support ECRs in order to retain them within the dementia field.
  • Develop solutions, and campaigns that will attract top researchers to dementia science.

The mission of the #ECRPIA is to establish and maintain an interactive global network to foster, develop and support early career Alzheimer’s and dementia scientists in every corner of the world. Developed by early career researchers, and involving senior people to draw on their experience in mentoring and understanding how systems can be improved.


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