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Podcast – Data the new frontiers in dementia research – Exeter Datathon

In this special podcast recording made on location from the Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) datathon at the University of Exeter, we discuss how ‘data’ is being used to push new frontiers in dementia research.

Exploring what is happening at this ground breaking datathon, and how DPUK is working with researchers and scientists from different fields. Coming together to look at new ways to use cohort longitudinal data to tackle dementia, and potentially finding the causes, ways to better identify risks, improve diagnosis and beat dementia!

Adam Smith talks with Richard Everson, Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Exeter, Dr Sarah Bauermeister a Senior Researcher and Senior Data Manager with the Dementias Platform UK at the University of Oxford and Dr Hadi Modarres a Data Scientist from Cognetivity.

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