Seasons Greetings 2021

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Seasons Greetings 2021

Just a quick note to let you know that the Dementia Researcher team are are taking a much needed break, and have now finished for 2021 – but don’t worry, we have schedule a whole week of blog round-up podcasts to keep you occupied next week. We will be back on the 3rd January, ready to go with lots of new ideas and support.

It has been a fantastic fourth year, and your continued support and feedback helps to fuel our work. Here are a few stats that might interest you:

  • 2,253 people have now subscribed to the site (that’s a 32% increase)
  • The site had over 43,000 visitors (50% increase in 2020) and 111,000 page views.
    • Visitors to the site come from 175 different countries (that’s 28 more than last year), the top ten are: 1. UK, 2. USA, 3. Netherlands, 4. Australia, 5. Indonesia 6. India, 7. Finland, 8. China, 9. Canada, 10. France.
  • We have published 550 blogs and articles (100 more than 2020)
  • We welcomed 107 new dementia researcher contributors, making a total of 340.

As for the podcasts….

  • 44 episodes published which are now available on every podcast platform. We also completed out transcription project, so every podcast comes with a fill transcription.
  • 26,725 plays from 70 different countries (with 7 days to go, and 5 shows to come, this number should increase by at least 1,200 before the year ends) – that means the show listens has increased year-on-year for four years.
  • Over 3,000 regular listeners and subscribers

I would like to thank our funding partners the National Institute for Health Research, Alzheimer’s Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society, our new collaborators Alzheimer’s Association ISTAART and Race Against Dementia and  those other sites who kindly allow us to share their content e.g. LSE Impact Blog, Nature Careers, Alz Forum etc. and everyone who has contributed to the blogs and podcasts, and everyone who joined the community, all those who have read our posts, listened to our podcasts and made use of our site.

We have so much more planned for 2022, and are looking forward to supporting you, the fantastic Dementia Researcher community.

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